New England Elegance (with a dash of the doctor)

New England style pic - house to

When we moved into our house in May, the decor was (and still is) decidedly 1970s. And like most people in the south east, we’re mortgaged up to the hilt so there’s not much room for manoeuvre so the prospect of radically transforming our home is but a distant dream.

However, one of the advantages of your partner being made redundant is that he suddenly finds he has a bit more time on his hands. Add in someone who has a penchant for bargains and whilst I was unwillingly dragged into Next the day after Boxing Day, I was forced to admit that that picking up four tins of paint for £35 was worth battling the crowds.

Our dining room is particularly 1970s with its wood panelling ceiling and pukey paste shades. It was my friend Sara who suggested we paint the wood white, instead we opted to whitewash the walls. My daughter observed the dining room, which also contains the stairs to the extension in our chalet bungalow, had a sailing feel to it and as my son sails, we liked that affinity.

Thus, designers we are not, but we are aiming for some New England charm and eloquence. I think we are in the process of pulling it off by combining brilliant white and a dash of navy. We are painting the wood panelling white. And I need more boat stuff. Perhaps a few pictures of my son Hal sailing?

How about some Van Gogh?! We’re off to Amsterdam in July for Des’ 50th, love it when themes come together, wait for it, even better, what about the Dr Who version, when Van Gogh signed the painting for Amy Pond? Or, even better again, the ‘Van Gogh Exploding Tardis’.


New England with a dash of the doctor, I think I should be an interior designer!


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