Is it really that difficult to fasten a duvet before washing?


(Because life isn’t all about politics, protest and pontificating)

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The answer to that question, as you can guess, is a resounding ‘yes’, particularly when you live in a house of teenagers.

And what did I discover? Half the laundry inside the duvet cover, most of it damp which then had to be draped on the radiators. How bloody irritating. It seems I am the only person in this house who has the common sense to fasten the damned duvet covers before washing.

So I thought I would have a quick Google and see if this was an issue for others. The first site I found was a ‘do it yourself’ site (I mean who else changes and washes your duvet covers unless you have a housekeeper or you live with your mum or wife for that matter). Anyway there it was, step 4, ‘fasten your duvet cover to prevent other items becoming entangled’, or something along those lines. Phew, I am not some sad OCD control freak person. I am normal and sensible, although the instructions contained here are for seriously stupid people, step 1 is ‘remove the duvet cover’, really?!!

I also read quite an enlightening thread on Netmums which was actually about how often you should wash the duvet itself. The comments ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. One woman doesn’t even strip the duvet, twice a week she puts everyone’s duvet complete with covers in the washing machine and leaves them to dry on the banisters. I mean she has got to be taking the piss! Either she lives in a mansion with extensive banisters to cope with even enough duvets for a family of four or she rotates on a daily basis continually drying duvets, how annoying! Plus can the duvet and cover really dry in a day? Stupid thing was someone else thought it was a good idea! At the other end of the spectrum was a woman who asked ‘duvets, washing? You do that?’ She sounds like just the person with whom you could happily down a couple of bottles of wine!

Afterthought: annoyingly, having returned home from uni to visit this weekend, she managed to spill pasta on her bed, she stripped it and dumped it in the kitchen ready to be loaded into the washing machine. Stupidly, I bundled it in again without checking the fastenings! Aaagh!!!

And if you want to find out how to cover your duvet quickly, easily and without getting into a muddle, follow the advice in this blog post!


2 thoughts on “Is it really that difficult to fasten a duvet before washing?

  1. Oh my goodness…you’ve sent me into a proper spin! First….I’ve never even considered fastening the duvet cover before washing…this is genius and will revolutionise laundry day! I love these kind of tips or ‘life hacks’ as my kids call them (?!) I always think ‘proper’mums just seem to know stuff like this…I consider myself however, to be very much winging it! I think the woman who washes the whole lot together as one is a winner…I used to do this when I was at uni!


    1. Ha! Glad to be of assistance! I am much more an improper mum!!! And think washing the duvet and cover is madness, unless you’re a student and full marks for actually washing the duvet and cover!!


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